The materials used to build a manufactured home and a stick built home are exactly the same. The key difference is that a manufactured home is built in a factory, then moved to a community where final assembly occurs. The entire manufacturing process may take one to three months and, because the home needs to be strong enough to withstand transportation, it is often built more robustly than a stick built home would be.

Building a home in a factory also offers a few key advantages over building it on site:

  1. Supervised Construction
    Throughout the entire build process the home is carefully supervised and quality controlled. This is to ensure that each manufactured home meets or exceeds the HUD standards that have been put in place.
  2. Built Indoors
    Manufactured homes are built indoors so that weather won’t interfere with their construction. The materials being used also won’t be exposed to moisture that can warp or damage them.
  3. Permanent Build Team
    All technicians and craftsmen building the home are usually on the same team. With site built homes the work may be contracted out, resulting in a build team with lesser experience or less incentive to get the job done right.

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